Are you interested in Account Based Marketing? Natify ABM™ is a bundle of solutions that help you deliver and optimise world class ABM programs with engagement based pricing.

Are you interested in distributing your content programmatically? Natify Sponsored Content™ reaches 98% of commercial websites globally with sophisticated features for retargeting and audience management.


Guaranteed Engagement with Account Based Marketing

Our programmatic advertising technology helps B2B Enterprises to engage decision makers of their most key target accounts with a pay-per-enagement model. When programmatic ABM meets artificial intelligence... the future of B2B marketing begins.


You Have the Data

B2B digital marketing generates often unused audience data in the form of website visits, marketing automation leads, search keyword exposure and CRM account data. With the help of Natify's machine learning algorithms and unique sponsored content widget technology this 1st party data turns into measurable engagement of your most important accounts directly within the media.



Engagement is an Intent Signal

Natify helps B2B prospects to accelerate their buyer's journey with the right content at the right time. Natify delivers prospect engagement with your content and measures it on the account and buyer persona level. Our billing model is Cost Per Engagement (CPE), so you only pay for engagement with accounts that are actually interested.


Engage - Continuously

With Natify engagement with your most important accounts becomes ubiquitous and cumulative. Our unmatched programmatic content distribution reaches the right people whichever site they visit and our machine learning engagement algorithms make sure they are served the content they are most likely to engage with.



In-Media Content

B2B decision makers prefer easily accessible information sources and this is why Natify's solution skips the need to visit your website altogether. With Natify's unique in-media sponsored content widget and unmatched distribution, decision makers will have an effortless access into engaging with relevant content on almost any site they visit.

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Key Component of Your Marketing Automation Stack

Natify works seamlessly with all major marketing automations platforms and tools. Integrations work either with API Key or authentication based on which the two systems work as a perfect pair exchanging and enriching the data. Additionally from top-of-the-funnel lead generation, Natify enables content-based lead nurturing for existing leads resulting in pipeline acceleration. 




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marketing ROI


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Problems we solve

Natify helps B2B marketers to generate deeper engagement that reaches more decision makers and influencers of named accounts.

Expanding Your Coverage

Natify's mission is to reach a 80%+ named account coverage within first 12 months. This can be achieved with the mix of 1st party data, ubiquitous content distribution, and state of the art machine learning algorithms. 

Can't Reach Key Accounts 

Many decision makers can never be reached with display or SEM. Thanks to the optimisation of distribution and content by buyer persona and buyer journey stage, Natify can promise unmatched levels of engagement. 

Complex Systems

You don't need another independent element to your marketing stack. This is why Natify integrates with all the major marketing technology ecosystems and simply complements your current platforms. 

Paying for Noise

Traditionally in B2B digital advertising you pay mostly for noise - irrelevant eyeballs, that is. With Natify you only pay for prospects that you want to target and are actually interested in your content. 

ABM is a Black Box

Many ABM programs start with a fuzz and end up in confusion. Natify transparently reports engagement by account and delivers this information your existing marketing stack. 

Sales Ready Leads are Rare

On average you need to generate roughly 10k person level leads to get 1 sales ready lead. Natify's approach starts from reporting the interest and intent of the account over time - that is in most cases much more valuable than mere email addresses.




Natify is the dominant Top-of-the-funnel marketing automation solution for leading marketers thanks to its scalable performance-based advertising relevancy algorithms and easy to use integrations for all ecosystem parties.